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With so many players using a variety of devices to connect with mobile casinos, Microgaming is now offering the latest technology. Most of the mobile games that are found in a Microgaming casino have been changed to HTML5 format. This replaces the old flash games and offers players many more benefits when they are using a mobile device to connect with the casino for their gambling needs. For many years, players only had a few options when gambling with a mobile device and not every casino would offer compatible software for all players. With HTML5 games, it does not matter what type of device is being used. The games can be accessed by any player and enjoyed for real money. This means that Android and iPad or iPhone users can enjoy the same games, even though they are using different devices and operating systems.

With these new HTML5 games, players will enjoy an enhanced experience. The game graphics have been improved along with the animations that are used in the games. This offers a more visual appealing experience for players and makes playing on a mobile device even more exciting. Another benefit of playing in an HTML5 casino is the game selections. Many mobile players have been limited in terms of the games that can be played. With these casinos, the selections are vast and players will find more than 40 games that can be enjoyed. This is a huge improvement over the 20 games that are usually offered in a standard mobile casino.

As more and more players see what HTML5 games have to offer, they will be looking to switch casinos and choose those that offer these types of mobile games. This latest mobile technology replaces Java based and flash games and offers players a whole new way to enjoy mobile gambling. With some of the best mobile sites now offering these games, players from all over the world can choose a mobile casino and enjoy everything that is offered. This is great news for iOS users for iPhone and iPad play as they will no longer have to find games that are specifically designed to operate on their device HTML5 games are a complete solution and offer players a huge selection of amazing games that are bound to entertain, excite and reward players as they gamble with any mobile device.

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